Quick Thought: The Extras Make The Difference

Quick Thought: The Extras Make The Difference

We asked our Master Franchisee, Russ Clark, to share his thoughts on what makes the difference when it comes to your dancing.

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What Makes The Difference in Dancing

“When you work out, it’s not the first 20 push-ups, it’s the last 10 that make you ripped. Those first 20 burpees are great, but it’s the last 10 that’ll give you the cardiovascular system of a track star. And 40 sit-ups will help you achieve the result you want, but it’s the last 15 that will give you abs of steel.

That extra step is true with your dancing as well. Every time your teacher asks you to do an extra private lesson or come in for an extra group class, it’s because they want you to take your dancing to the next level, to push your dancing over the edge and make it feel amazing. But know that extras come in many forms. An extra can be a Spotlight Ball, Showcase, Medal Ball, and/or Dance-O-Rama.

The extras always make the difference in any sport activity or art. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity of going the extra mile. Make your dance dreams come true.”

Written by: Russ Clark /// Master Franchisee & Area 6 Director
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