So, You’re Going Out Dancing

So, You’re Going Out Dancing

Tips and Pointers To Survive Your Night Out

When we go out dancing (or maybe just visualize it), we all enjoy looking like we belong there, right? To help you blend in and ultimately enjoy yourself, here are a few pointers to consider.

  • Make The Most Of Where You Are
    • I swear by the mantra: “If it’s happening to you, it’s happening for you.” So maybe you’ve done 10 salsas and expected a bachata or merengue, or maybe you weren’t prepared for a super-packed dance floor. Either way, own it! You learn by doing, right? Make the most of it!
  • Manage Consumption
    • There’s a great meme of a vodka bottle with the line: “Trust me, you can dance. Sincerely, Vodka”. Reality check? Vodka can be a huge liar. Nobody wants to dance with a sloppy drunk. So while you might think a shot (or four) of liquid courage is just what you need, keep your wits about you. Another idea? Use group classes and practice parties. They act as great pre-cursors to going out.
  • Be In The Present
    • Maybe you had a bad experience last time or got rejected a time or two. Today is a new day, so ignore the negative self-talk and enjoy what’s happening right now because like attracts like. If you have patience for your mistakes and the mistakes of others, your good-looking dance partner will forgive you for yours.
  • Dress The Part
    • You know the phrase: “The clothes make the man”? When you’re going out, it’s true. Dress for the occasion. Resist the urge to throw on those shoes you’ve never worn before or those clothes that look good but limit your movement. You don’t want to minimize your dance opportunities because your feet hurt or you can’t move, right?
  • Be Aware
    • Cool new arm styling? On a crowded dance floor, this is a great way to accidentally slap the couple next to you, so keep it compact. But whatever you do, choose your movements with care, watch where you put your feet, and ultimately you’ll have more fun.

Moral of the story? Don’t take life too seriously. If you wait for the perfect opportunity, it’s never going to come. The sooner you get out there the more experience you’ll gain, the more opportunities you’ll have, and ultimately the more you’ll enjoy your dancing. So go forth and conquer the dance floor!

Written by: Kelly, New Student Director from Arthur Murray Dance School of Seattle
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