Holidays: They’ll Help You Become A Better Dancer

Holidays: They’ll Help You Become A Better Dancer

The holidays are fast approaching. This means snow-filled drives to see friends and family, lots of food, laughter and good times. And did you know that going to parties and festive gatherings helps you kick butt in your dancing?

Christmas Sweaters

Do some of them look ridiculous? Absolutely, but we still wear them because it’s that time of year. When you’re dancing, sometimes we feel silly when we include arm styling. But just like our Christmas sweaters, embrace the silliness and stick an arm out every now and then.

Just Go With It

For some of us, we have a holiday song that gets on our nerves. My dad’s is “Santa Baby”, but like a good sport, he laughs and dances along. When ballroom dancing, there are many times we are exposed to a host of variables that are less than favorable. The key? Make the most of it. There’s not much you can do about it, so roll with it. You may find yourself having fun!

No Thank You Bite

Growing up, I was always required to try everything at the dinner table, whether it looked appealing or not. Similarly, when anyone first starts dancing, there are usually one or more dances that make them want to say “pass”. But I challenge you to keep taking no thank you bites of those dances, because you’ll reach a point where you think “hey, I like this!”.

Point being, there are always some hiccups with both dancing and holidays. The more accustomed you become to any and all scenarios, the more fun you’re going to have as a result. So, as we round the corner on the holidays, give yourself permission to be goofy, try the [insert food or dance] that doesn’t exactly look appealing, but most importantly, enjoy!

Written by: Ross, Communications Consultant for Arthur Murray Seattle
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