5 Excuses People Use That Keep Them From Their Best Possible (dance) Life.

5 Excuses People Use That Keep Them From Their Best Possible (dance) Life.

Let’s face it. Many times the thought of starting something new, adding in something new, affording something new can be…well…daunting.

5 Excuses That Keep You From Your Best Dance Life

I know many people that really do wish they could dance, but the thought of dedicating time, money and effort to the process seems overwhelming.

It’s far easier to excuse “the new” away. The only problem is, when we excuse away the new and improved, we stay the same.

Someone told me once, “Here’s your comfort zone and you can stay right here, all comfy cozy, just like you are. But see that over there? That’s where the magic happens…and you are not a part of it”.

Boo. They were right.

So let’s take a look at the easy little fibs we comfort ourselves with; you can hate/love me later.

  1. I don’t have time.
    • Right. We don’t “have” time. We make time. Time is something we weigh and measure with great care, time is what we jealously guard and time is something we waste a great deal of. That statement, “I don’t have time”.
    • It’s a very simple and convenient excuse that is readily and easily accepted by most people. They recognize it, they don’t have time either. They believe you when you say it. So it’s a good “go to” excuse to get you out of anything you are not sure you really want to do.
    • Truth is. We will always make time for the things that are important to us. One less hour of television. One less hour of sitting on the couch. One less hour of wandering around the mall. It can be surprising how much time each day, you really can find, if you want to. Truth be told, you can easily find an hour each week for a dance lesson.
  2. I don’t have money.
    • You know, we tend to spend money on things we believe will improve our lives. We fork over mortgage or rent, transportation costs, and buy food. That new car. Those new shoes. That new purse. We justify that. Entertainment is important, as is quality of life.
    • The money we spend on self-improvement is a powerful investment in ourselves. Long range thinking is key here. Knowing how to dance will forever change your life and each social experience you have in your life. Your vacations will never be the same when you can dance, it may even alter your trips to the grocery store.
    • They do play pretty good music in the produce section. When you attend weddings, go on cruises, participate in gala fund raisers, or hit the local music scene. You can dance now. AND you will only pay to learn it once. You don’t have to replace it. It doesn’t wear out. Hmmm. Maybe that one less hour wandering around the mall would help this one too.
  3. I don’t have the ability.
    • This is common, yet unfounded fear. It is a fear nonetheless. Whoever in their right mind wants to be proven to fail…and with people watching, for Pete’s sake. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failing. This is a deep and real one for most people. I have always admired the fearless, “I’ll try that!” types.
    • They must live an awesome life. As we all know, nothing beats a fail but a try. The really good news is that the years of research and development that Arthur Murray has put into the teaching syllabus and dance curriculum has made learning to dance as easy as pie.
    • Add to that the countless hours spent training instructors HOW to teach, may well be a dance students best friend. You were able to learn to drive, to use your smart phone, to ride a bike, and you can learn how to dance. It’s just a good thing Arthur Murray is so great at teaching dancing.
    • You know what? It’s a good time too. But you won’t know if you don’t try, and you will stay in your comfy cozy…that’s not where the magic happens…
  4. My Spouse/Significant other won’t/doesn’t want to dance.
    • This may be one of the saddest things a person would ever tell themselves. Your partner might delight in dancing with you. Moving smoothly or rhythmically around the dance floor.
    • Having fun with you at music filled venues and events. Maybe they are fearful of learning, that can be overcome (see #3). But in the case of them actually NOT wanting to dance. Don’t they want you to be happy and be the best version of you that you can be?
    • Some couples do have different interests. Having different hobbies can keep you fresh and exciting. After all, they were attracted to who you are and what you like is a part of who you are. Learning new things keeps your mind and heart active and interesting.
  5. It’s not worth it.
    • In what universe? Did I say that out loud? This is a direct statement about the effort we are willing to put into something. If we are feeling burdened by the pressures of life, work, family, the responsibilities we are held to, the thought of adding one more thing can be exhausting.
    • It’s interesting though that the direct converse is true. Sometimes you need a challenge to pull you out of those feelings. A well-structured, physical, mental and emotional experience like dancing can be like a mini vacation to get you out of your head and into your body.
    • Moving to music will transport you. Instead of feeling like your stacking ANOTHER thing on your “to do” plate, you will feel revitalized and renewed. We are social creatures. Don’t let the tech get you down. Move to the music. YOU are worth it.

You deserve the best possible life. Give yourself a gift. Expand that comfort zone. The best things in life happen when you say “Yes”.

Katherine Murray said it best, “Put some fun in your life, try dancing!”

You’re welcome.

Written by: TJ Lacy /// Studio Manager at Arthur Murray Dance School of Seattle
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