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Country Dance Lessons in Washington

Cowboy up! Take your first step into the Honky Tonk. You can Boot Scootin’ Boogie or Watermelon Crawl, Texas Two-Step or Cowboy Cha Cha. With its colorful stories about love and life in the American South, Country music has cemented its place in pop culture, and dancing has come along for the ride! At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we teach a range of Country Western partner dances. The most popular of these are the Two-Step and the Swing, along with the Waltz and the Shuffle. So, let’s hit the hardwood and dance! Yeehaw!

Country couple dancing in lift

Country Western Two-step Lessons

The Two-Step is the most popular Country Western partner dance, a staple in any country bar. Dancers follow a counter-clockwise line of dance, effortlessly spinning and weaving between other couples. Characterized by a straightforward rhythm and smooth, linear movement, this dance showcases exciting partner styling and rapid spins, reminiscent of a cowboy wielding his rope. Steps like the Lasso and the Lariat pay homage to the Western roots of this dance.

Country Western Swing Lessons

The Country Swing is a dynamic spot dance with partners in constant, electrifying motion. Couples tear up the floor with looping arms, thrilling dips and barrel-roll spins! Along with the Two-Step, Swing is one of the easiest and most essential dances with which to begin your country dance journey.

New Students

What to expect on your first lesson

After answering a few questions about your goals, aspirations, and the look and feel you’d like to have, you'll be guided through a few basics by one of our highly-trained instructors.

You'll start to learn to dance on your very first lesson, and leave with a plan of action for the next few sessions.

At Arthur Murray, we've developed a fool-proof method to help you learn to dance the quickest way possible and achieve your goals.

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